Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Foodie Xmas Goodies: Booze Subdivision

So, Christmas has come and gone, and Santa was good to the emerging foodie. I'll run down the food/cooking-related items in another post, but first, a couple little dollops of booze-related awesomeness (over and above the Maker's Mark mini Santa left in my stocking):

First, my wonderful sister gave me a Downunder Longneck, a very cool pint beer glass from Australia. Actually, it's literally cool: Because it's a sealed double-wall design, it's effectively a thermos mug, keeping the beer cold far longer than a typical single-walled pint glass. Ever since I unwrapped it Christmas morning, I've been using it to enjoy Anchor Steam's 2010 Christmas Ale and Innis & Gunn's Rum Cask Oak-Aged Ale. My old-style pint glasses are getting lonely, I'm afraid!

Second, my daughter got me a Gin and Titonic ice-cube tray, to make ice cubes in the shape of... wait for it... the Titanic and floating icebergs! It's too much fun, and cries out for some modification of the standard gin and tonic recipe to do justice to its macabre beauty.

All in all, a truly excellent haul... and tomorrow, the non-booze cooking stuff, which is even better!


  1. Scary! Over the past week, I have had an Anchor Porter (love their Christmas Ale, but didn't get one this year) and two nights ago, Innis & Gunn's Rum Cask ... but in a "real" Innis & Gunn glass - not your cool glass! I like that a lot.

    I also have the Gin & Titonic ice maker. My wife hates it!

    Scary that we like the same things :-)

    And as that appears the case, are you aware that Anchor also distills?? I have recently become quite fond of Anchor's Junipero gin - they also have a more "original" gin called Genevieve which is a "Genever" style gin. VERY different. I haven't decided on this one yet, but should you try it, don't expect it to taset like current gins of any stripe!

    And finally, they have three Rye beauties - I have the 18th century 100% rye that is astounding. These are all called "Old Potrero" and are distinguished by being either 18th Century (toasted oak aging), 19th Century (charred oak and the only one they can call a Rye Whiskey) and Hotailings (Charred oak aged 15 years)

    They are a little expensive (for the whiskeys) but I think well worth it. I paid about $70 for a 750 of 18th Century Potrero.

    You never do, but should you find time in the next weekend or so, I am taking my daughter and her friend to Hudson (Tuthilltown) Distillers and touring their tiny room of a distillery. There will be Tastings - and you are welcome to sample some of my supply.


  2. Yeah, Jack, it is a bit scary that we have such overlap! (And I find it takes a bit of practice to get the Titanics out of the mold without breaking off the stacks.)

    The Anchor spirits sound interesting; I'll have to check them out. I saw an article on HuffPo a while back about old-style gins; don't recall if the Anchor Genevieve was one of them. I would've posted the article here, except it was during the time when I wasn't really posting here.

    As for visiting, I definitely want to do that... but I'm pretty sure I'm booked for the next two Saturdays; I don't suppose they're open for tours on Sunday?

  3. They certainly are:


    Sat/Sun 12-3 :-) The tasting room is open until 6 as well.

    Let me know if it works for you and we will coordinate. There is some interesting stuff to enjoy here. My buddy Jeff also has some Old Rip van Winkle: http://www.oldripvanwinkle.com/newbs/vw/website3.nsf/pagesbyname/home?opendocument


  4. Drat - I seem to have lost my last comment. Could have sworn I posted it. Oh well. Anyway:

    Yes, they do have Sunday hours: http://tuthilltown.com/contact/hours-directions

    Tours Sunday from noon - 3. Tasting room open till 6. Sweet!

    Let me know if you would like to make it and I will set some things up. I will call in reservations for the tour (this place is tiny and they just want to know when and how many), also set things up with the daughter and friends.

    I can also arrange a collection of interesting stuff at home - some you know about already... some you maybe don't :-D

    Hope you can arrange the time. I know it is a bit of a haul, but it's for "research" for your blog. Yeah - that's it. Research.