Saturday, January 1, 2011

RE-Emerging Foodie!

Well, it's now 2011 (in EST USA, at least) and my very first New Year's resolition is to reinvigorate this blog (not to mention my general-interest blog). It won't be hard, because Santa brought me plenty of foodie goodness for Christmas, but for tonight, it's late, and I've got kissin' and drinkin' yet to do... so I'll start with a recipe for a new drink I just concocted tonight. I don't even have a name for it yet, but I'm leaning toward Ashford Tonic (for reasons I'll explain in another post soon):

<Unnamed Cocktail>

In a mixing glass, place
5-6 fresh sweet cherries, pitted and sliced
2 oz. Newman's Own Virgin Limeade

Muddle cherries in limeade and set aside to macerate for ~30 minutes. Add

2 oz. ice cold Hendricks gin

Shake vigorously and strain into highball glass over ice. Top with...

2-3 whole cherries for garnish.

Enjoy!... and you'll be seeing a lot more of me here in the coming year!

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  1. Hi, Bill! Nice to see you!

    If you go to my blog and look for "Pharyngula recipes" you'll find at least a few from the commenters; and you're welcome to copy them wholesale over to here.