Sunday, November 18, 2012

Actual Cooking: The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

I'm working on getting this blog restarted, now that I'm done saving the flippin' worldworking on the election, and Thanksgiving week is an obvious time to talk about cooking. I have a couple things in mind, which I will duly report here if/when they come to fruition, but first I went looking for some pics from last Thanksgiving. Honestly, I was sure I'd already blogged about this, but it turns out I only posted pictures to Facebook.

So here's a ghost from Thanksgiving (recently) past: last year, while considering what interesting ways there might be to serve the leftovers from a traditional turkey dinner (more interesting than turkey and stuffing sandwiches on white bread, I mean), I was seized by the Imp of the Perverse© and produced this:

Why yes, that is nigiri with turkey breast and cranberry sauce wasabi; maki with dark meat turkey, stuffing, and leftover green beans; and a dipping sauce of turkey jus with scallions and soy sauce. I hope it doesn't haunt your dreams too badly. (I also hope I'm not killed in the night by a squad of outraged sushi-chef ninjas!)

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