Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Needed a Kick... get back in the habit of posting, and this is it: In the process of following up a lead related to local politics, I stumbled over the fact that I'd missed National Grilled Cheese Day... even after promising (here) to take up the quest for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich!

Interestingly, just a couple days ago, I went back to the Goodwill Store were I found my vacuum sealer and stick blender, and purchased (for the princely sum of $3 plus tax!) a waffle iron... for the specific purpose of recreating the waffle-grilled cheese sandwiches my mother used to make for me! How could I not have known it was National Grilled Cheese Day?

Ah, well... it's apparently still National Grilled Cheese Month, so I've got a little time to make amends. Question is, should I get this grilled cheese cookbook, or would that threaten the purity of my quest to create the Great American Sandwich® on my own?


  1. So how do you make a waffled grilled cheese without losing the cheese?

  2. That's the great part, Diana: If you do it right, the cheese oozes out the sides and browns in these beautiful latticework "wings"... and if you're careful, you can get the sandwich off the griddle with these wings still attached.

    It's actually not the ideal "classic" grilled cheese... but it's wonderful in its own right!