Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking News! New Local Microdistillery

A story (curse you, paywall!!) in this evening's Journal Inquirer announces the forthcoming opening of Onyx Spirits, a new microdistillery in nearby (to me) Manchester, Connecticut. Apparently the initial products, to be released in April, will include a limoncello, a vodka, and a "moonshine" (corn whiskey, perhaps?). Watch this space for more information; you can bet that if public tours are available, I'll be there!


  1. I didn't know microdistilleries were legal.

  2. To be fair, Ben, "micro" is my word; they just call themselves a distillery. Unlike with beer and wine, it's illegal to make distilled spirits in any amount unless you're properly licensed... but there are a number of small "craft" distilleries. JackC has a favorite in New York called Tuthilltown, and I've become a fan of gin from the Berkshire Mountain Distillery in (not surprisingly) the Berkshires. Both would qualify as "microdistilleries," IMHO.