Friday, September 24, 2010

Dining Out: Missed It by That Much!

So I was out volunteering for my State Senate candidate tonight (Susan Eastwood for the 35th District of CT, for those in the area), and my family called to ask for directions to IndiGo (my daughter is home this weekend, and she still hasn't been). Immediately my mouth began to water, and I imagined expanding my experience of the menu there. I gave them the directions and said "I'm almost done here; I'll meet you there."

Even though I'd had a dinner's worth of pizza at campaign HQ, I thought I could at least try one of the appetizers I'd mentally bookmarked on the menu, and sample small tastes of whatever the family ordered.

The bad news — which is actually great news, really — came as I was driving on I-84: IndiGo was booked solid, and turning people away, when my wife and daughter arrived. I've thrilled they're doing so well, of course, but I couldn't help but be disappointed.

All's well that ends well, though: We ended up at another favorite, Sukhothai in downtown Manchester. I'll no doubt be reviewing Sukhothai here in the future, but tonight all I had room for was the Tod Man (spicy fish cake) appetizer and a spoonful of leftover sauce from my wife's beef red curry. Delicious, but not enough for a review; watch this space!


  1. I am officially confused

    :) - seems it might be something like calling your restaurant "Ming Dynasty" (well, if you hold your head right anyway).

    The one we have in Beacon is outstanding as well.

  2. Yeah, naming restaurants — particularly ethnic restaurants — seems to engage folks creativity far less than creating their menus does. There must be 3 or 4 different "Taste of India" restaurants in the Hartford area. And the name of our local Chinese takeout (Panda Palace) is so similar to the one we used to use in Florida (China Panda) that I still get them confused, 10 years after the move!

    To make things more interesting, if you try to google IndiGo, you find there are more than a couple restaurants around the country called Indigo, none of which (other than our IndiGo) seems to have anything to do with Indian food.

  3. I guess I just had never realised how popular a name like Sukhothai was - same could be said for IndiGo, however, that one at least has the benefit of being rather recognisable in English, regardless. Kind of cute at that.

    The others you mentioned are too generic to be fascinating, really - but you kind of have to wonder if there is some method that prevents lawsuits from similar names - or if there isn't some larger backing conglomerate.

    I do think we may have the only "Gomen-Kudasai" Japanese noodle house at least - at least one that "mis-spells" the name so that the "men" part of "gomen" is signed as "mein" for noodles - and the restaurant name actually becomes "excuse me, give me noodles" :-)

    Gee - there ARE other folks reading your blogging, aren't there?? ;-)